Relay for cancer

I know! I know! I just kinda threw this Relay for Cancer post up here without so much as a backwards glance.  The fact of the matter is; I’ve been stressed.  Lost a lot of sleep over this cancer mess. I found out recently, someone close to me might have cancer.    Now I’m not one to speak things into existence. But, it had me pacing for a bit.  Then one day I had some quiet time with God and he told me its gonna be alright.  And you know what? I believe him.    So, no.   I didn’t just pawn off a relay for cancer link.  It means something to me.  And it should mean something to you.  Donate. Or if you’re in South Florida, join me on April 27th as I drag my out-of-shape body across that finished line.  

Meshia’s Relay For Life fundraiser

Why I Relay I didn’t want to give some canned explanation of why this was near and dear to me. We often see notices like these and quickly bypass them….

Working for free and enjoying it

Working for free

I’ve been up since 3:30am working for free and enjoying it, at that. I can’t remember the last time I looked at my workload without wanting to give my gun a BJ. But tonight was one of those nights. It occurred to me that toxic coworkers can turn something you love into something you hate. Without going into much detail, two people who wreaked havoc on my work ethic have now left the company. And I am thrilled. I am over the moon. I am smiling, I am jovial, I am less likely to smash your head in with a hammer if given a chance. Yes we are a bit short staffed for the time being. But, the environment is a lot less stressful. Let this be a lesson to you. Take stock of how you treat your coworkers.

Smollett attack staged with accomplices

Smollett reportedly staged the attack with 2 accomplices because he was being written off the show Empire. The persons of interest picked up by police, are said to be extras from the show Empire. If in fact he did stage this incident, knowing the political climate we are in, he is downright despicable. If these two (pictured below) are the persons of interest, it’s safe to say a hate crime was not committed. At least not one based on racial prejudice. Additional news publications have picked up on the rumor of an attack being staged, although police advise the reports are as yet unconfirmed.

accomplices Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo

CBS News stated they received this tip from an undisclosed source who is close to the investigation. When the news broke on Jan 29th, the circumstances were questionable at best. Smollett stated his attackers poured bleach on him after tying a noose around his neck and were saying “this is MAGA country”. I find the bleach story questionable. Bleach freezes at 18 or 19 degrees. Jan 29th 2:00 am temperature was -29 degrees.

We were lead to believe his attackers (cough* accomplices* cough) were white. Also, he gave an interview on Good Morning America where some of his responses were weak. Particularly, when he was asked about his withholding the cellphone. It is understandable that there are privacy concerns, but being the purported “strong black gay man” , wouldn’t you want justice to be served? Wouldn’t you want to cooperate with the law to catch the crooks. I would want to catch the bastards and make examples of them. Why the hesitance to hand over the phone?

It also begs the question; was this attack staged as a means of subterfuge? Jussie knew what he had to lose by lying. Why risk it? Why burn his reputation? Unless this was the long con. Was this meant to expose the intent of Empire’s creators?

The most sensational thing one could cook up, is to stage a hate crime and let it leak that you were about to be fired or let go from the show. Fox has now come out saying they have not and do not intend to write Jussie’s character off the show. Was this the end-game? if it was, you gotta give him credit for being cunning. Now that’s, how you work the system.

Smollett attack was a publicity stunt. Jussie written off show Empire.

ABC news sources say the attack on Jussie Smollett may have been staged as a publicity stunt in response to him being written off Empire.  Was the  attack staged so Jussie could remain relevant?  Was this just another PR stunt?   There are holes in the story. But we hoped for hope’s sake, it wasn’t a lie. A bottle of bleach in the middle of a polar vortex would have frozen long before it hit Jussie. 

I’m gonna do like Joe Budden, and wait for the facts to reveal themselves.

BlackFace or Sensationalism

5 Days ago:

Why other races hate black people but love blackface? Y’all love pissing us off don’t you? I mean seriously! Wypipo seem to be doing this on purpose and now, here come the Asians. Just twist the knife why don’t ya!?

Want more proof it’s Intentional?

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Still on the black owned trend at 4am

When people say “Prayers for…”

Who are you all praying to?  I know who I worship. But a great majority of people renounce God and renounce Jesus. So, in times of tragedy, who exactly do you pray to?  Also, I try not to  tell people I’m praying for em.  I just pray for em.  I don’t  believe in platitudes and my prayers are not platitudes.