I can’t wait to start my new position. No more stupid questions from people who are supposed to be technicians. Some days I feel like I’ve died and gone to hell. Like I’m destined to have people who should be fully qualified to do their job ask me how to do it. I may as well be a college professor.

Hopeless romantic

We stole looks in the elevator and we’d leave it there. He really was Hope’s boyfriend and as attracted as I was to him, and him to me, I would never cross that line. 2 years later I met him (sans Hope). We went back to his place. We fucked. I tried to sneak out. He caught me. Lol I never saw him again. I guess my curiosity was sated. There was something so powerful about sex on my own terms.

It’s so cute the way they take care of each other. I know I’ll never have that for myself but I live vicariously through them. Will they have kinks to work out ? Most definitely. Doesn’t everyone though? I have never seen my brother so happy or attentive with anyone. So I’m here, and secretly cheering for him. They fuss at each other like an old couple who’s put up with each other’s shenanigans for twenty years. It’s amazing to watch. I don’t regret not having that for myself. So don’t feel sorry for me. I am living my best life. I have never really wanted that for myself. But I like the happiness on their faces. And the sheer fact that I cannot survive a relationship like that is what amazes me about bones and his fiancĂ©. All the endless possibilities