A New Leaf

Lately I’ve been feeling like I want to pack up and run away. Literally disappear off the face of the earth. Run to a place where no-one knows my name. Life isn’t essentially stressful for me. It’s just that sometimes you get tired of so many people calling your name. So many people wanting something from you when all you want to do is live your life in peace. Then whenever I contemplate starting a whole new life elsewhere, I have to wonder if it’ll be a repeat of my old life. I mean that would entirely defeat the purpose of running away to begin with. I’m not attention hungry nor do I starve for the spotlight. However I possess exceptional qualities that often catapult me into the limelight. Be it amongst my peers or at my place of business, I’m always the main focus. I know these statements seem narcissistic but they’re not because at the end of the day, I’d just like to be Meshia.

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