Rose-Colored Tints

I guess I’m disappointed with the hand that life has dealt. I know I’m a tad ungrateful and it could just be because I haven’t found fulfillment in life. Women can’t provide it nor money. Even though I’m trying my hand at just working hard and getting money I know that my second nature isn’t driven by Greed. So where am I to find this fulfillment? Perhaps the newly opened schedule on Friday means I should be in the back pew of somebody’s church praying for an entrance ramp on the highway to heaven. It’s like I’ve strayed so far that I don’t even know how to get back to where I once was. I’m getting colder n colder n cold from having the world on my shoulders. It’s times like this when I miss Tamica. But I remember how snide she can be and the moment is fleeting.

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