I’ll admit there are some days that I feel so out of touch with my kids. Like I don’t understand them, and it bothers me. Some are just spoiled and others just dance to the beat of their own drum. I guess it bothers me even more if things are done in a manner that is sneaky and offensive to me. I mean if you are an individual with the best of intentions. What is the point of going about things in a way that’s (to the naked eye) underhanded. I try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt and often times when they do things that seem blatantly disrespectful I’ll even try to see things from their perspective. But when it’s done in such a manner as to block me out, I guess it’s unnerving. Don’t get me wrong it’s not one of those “outside looking in high school” situations. It’s the feeling you get when you’re trying to have like that “Mother- Daughter” relationship or “Father –Son” relationship with your child and they just choose to push you away. Then again maybe I’m taking this whole house parent thing too seriously, and sometimes I wonder if I should just let everybody run wild and do as they please. Sometimes I just wonder if I should just do away with the whole mission statement and spending time money effort and resources to achieve the goals of the collective (seemingly). Who said inter-house bonds were supposed to be loose-knit? if anything I thought that being a house parent meant being able to pick up where (often times) the biological parents fall off. Will I be deemed a loser for actually giving a shyt about these kids and the decisions they make? Granted some of them are of age and I can’t tell them what to do because by right it’s not my responsibility. However if they can’t go to their own biological family and they can’t come to me? Then who can they go to?

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