Blitzkrieg of Cassidy

From a personal perspective, one sometimes grows weary trying to make things happen. I’ve been presented with certain opportunities that would allow my organization to grow positively. But knowing what I know about the members therein, I lack the confidence to continue on. Knowing that one has children who can at times be so petty as to waste their long distance minutes discussing propaganda can be quite problematic and tends to leave one in a state of confusion. How does one proceed forward? asks the control freak. You simply have to operate on the preface of blind faith; which seems easy enough to do when it’s your first stab at leadership. But when it’s your second and you’ve seen this shyt happen more often than not, what is your next alternative? Throw in the towel? Give up the chase and go it alone? How do you weed out the naysayers who can’t simply be honest enough to say “Meesh, I’m not feeling our current situation and would like to leave”? Nothing is ever that easy.

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