Sex and the City

I don’t know if it was the Sex and The City DVD or seeing a photo of my nephew and my new born niece, but I decided I wanted a taste of normalcy in my life. These 2 things gave me a different perspective of the world as is. Everyday I read little blurbs on msn about the economy, the war on terror and our upcoming election and everyday it depresses me. I know the world will never be what it was ten years ago, but seeing that photo and watching that movie reminded me so much of the simple things. The God-Given things that we take for granted. And I remember almost 10 years ago – My 19th Birthday – wanting a marriage, a career, and a boy and a girl. I have one, I’m missing 3 and just 2 days ago I received an email about my High School Reunion. Shit has it been 10 years? Life isn’t always on schedule but as long as we wake up breathing there’s always an opportunity to catch up. So here it is; the tortoise wins the race.

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