Work Flow

We were at her house the day after my birthday. I took a shower. She took a shower.

She sits on the edge of the bed massaging warm vanilla sugar into her skin.

 I volunteer my services.

 I start massaging the lotion in

Working my way down her arms. 

Down to her Legs

I’m rubbing her legs with lotions and she’s giving me pointers

Telling me I’ve missed spots. So I go back to these key areas to apply

More warm vanilla.

Then she points to the insides of her thighs.


I chuckle to myself because I’ve already rubbed her thighs with lotion.


So I go back to her Inner thighs.

And I work my way up to the apex where her thighs meet

And I start to massage the lotion in.


As I’m rubbing it in she starts to moan softly.

So I rub a little closer.

The closer I get the louder the moan.

So One thing leads to another

And I’m teasing her clit through her boy shorts

And she’s like baby “why are you tickling me”

I Laugh but continue.

Until at some point I’m sliding my finger inside her

And I can feel her wetness and warmth surrounding me

And at this point I feel my own wetness trickling down

And this throbbing sensation between my thighs.

So I continue to slide my finger inside.

And as I’m sliding it in, her walls expand and contract to guide me down the passageway.

Whilst they’re expanding and contracting, she’s moaning.

So I lean forward.

Put my lips to her clit

Wrap my lips around it

And I start sucking

And occupying the same space with my

Tongue and my finger

And sucking.

And then she Cums

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