Pardon me for being close-minded. But how come there are so many males with Lesbian

interests on this site? Better yet, how come males tend to inundate the lesbian chatrooms and

chat sites I’ve been to lately? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the hairy creatures. I

just can’t seem to fathom why one would give chase to something one cannot have. I signed up

for this virtual reality site back In April after I left the ball scene. Even on this site you’ll

encounter men pretending to be females just to hang around lesbians. I think it’s sickening only

because they’re so deceptive. On the upside the site has been interesting to say the least and

even poses the possibility of an addiction developing. My schedule was freed up because I was no

longer running an organization and had more time to focus on my career and perhaps other

activities. It’s been 2 long years and I was never really able to have a stable relationship – mainly

because I didn’t really have the time to devote to them. In hindsight, most relationships have

been quite a disappointment. So much so, that I’ve spent the last couple of months not really

feeling anything but uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve probably said and done some things I’m

not proud of but that was only after developing the mindset “this is how the world turns”

So I’m talking to Aquafina tonight, asking her what she’s like when she’s on her flow. She’s a

genuine sweetheart most of the time so I figured she had to be a terror when she was on her

flow. She told me she’s very emotional and very sensitive which is not typically the norm. She

told me that she doesn’t cry unless it’s just that time of the month and her hormones are raging.

She’d made a promise to herself not to let anything or anyone make her cry. I guess it worked.

She can’t cry now. I asked her why that is. She says it’s coz she’s probably tired. I feel exactly

the same way. So many things have happened in my life that have devastated me at some point

or caught me off guard. I tend to put folks up on pedestals too fast and then when they fall I’m

the one left with the disappointment and the heartache. It happened so much that now I just

don’t even care anymore. It’s like I’m halfway expecting people to disappoint me.

So Lately I started trying this new approach which would allow me to look at situations from alternative perspectives. Only because this would allow me to keep an open mind. I’ve found myself questioning motives in the past and now my experiment involves the upbringing.

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