I didn’t really mean to start everything off on a bad note. Tonight’s Christmas night and my brother is here with his wife and kids. I haven’t seen them in a long time and I kind of missed them. Mostly I missed his little boney ass. My bro’s a regular comedian and seems to be able to lighten up any somber mood. He’s more laidback and jovial, whereas I’m more uptight. I’m not really afraid to admit my flaws. I figure that’s the strong point in a person’s character– being able to admit ones flaws. I cooked and baked. Really I just fried chicken and made a half West Indian meal which consisted of fried chicken, rice and peas and some cucumbers and tomatoes on the side– nothing big just something to fill the appetite. I also baked a gingerbread cake and a banana bread cake. After dinner we retired to the living room to watch the “HOUSE” marathon on the big screen. My bro likes house coz he’s such an asshole. He figures I can relate coz according to him; I act just like House.

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