Today I ran a few errands. I like doing everything late. I don’t know why but I feel more energized when the sun goes down. I got some groceries – which, much to my chagrin – cost an arm and a leg. I really had no choice because stop & shop was the only grocer open in town. It’s New Years Day and everywhere in Bridgeport becomes a ghost town after a certain time. I called Aquafina. We spoke briefly about our plans for the day. She’s out shopping with her best friend / roommate. Our conversation was unusually polite like we’re each holding back feelings or things we would like to say.

Sometimes her head’s like Fort Knox. It’s pretty difficult to break in. There are however, those rare moments when she divulges the most intimate details of her child hood to me and seems so totally unabashed to recall such memories. It’s amazing; she seems to have been thru so much more in her life than I ever have. Yet, I’m the one with the chip on her shoulder. I can’t really seem to figure her out. There are instances where she speaks so freely with me about her past and then there are moments where she can’t trust me or she has that unmoving feeling that I’m cheating.

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