Somehow I don’t think she understands the boundaries betwixt friendship and relationship. I end up getting a phone call about how she’s not going down this route with me simply because she hasn’t heard from me within a day’s time. I have to ask, why am I obligated to call you on a daily basis? Is this something you’ve grown accustomed to when interacting with your groupies? Anyway for the update my week’s been shitty. I’ve managed to lock my keys in my car twice which left me stranded at work the whole entire night. Triple A had too many emergencies that night to get there on time.

Then 2 days later I get into an accident. This isn’t quite how I planned on starting my New Year but I guess I’ll have to kill some old habits. It really wasn’t in the cards to make a New Year’s resolution. I don’t believe in resolutions being made on one single day of the year when they should be planned and executed all throughout the year. My boss says I need to clear my aura. I’m not one to believe in that whole “chi” and “aura” crap, but I do believe in prayer. I think that my walk with God leaves much to be desired, so I think that I’ll need to start anew. I wish I weren’t so jaded sometimes. I wish I was strong enough to stick to my own convictions. But so much has changed over the years.

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