I know I’m bad at calling people. I disappear for months on end. I’ve made it a Resolution to call my Grandmother once a Month. She’s not in the best health and I know it’s been hard for her since Grandpa died. I can’t imagine living with someone for over 20 years and then ultimately losing them. The year hasn’t started out on such a great note but I’m positive that things will turn around. I got into an accident and I’d show you the damage but I don’t really want folks to see just how fucked up my driving is. I’ll be lucky if Allstate doesn’t drop me next month. Oh and Aquafina is seriously “no more”. Found out she was cheating. She had the audacity to be mad at me for being mad at her like I had absolutely no right to. Her roommate claims I’m insecure. Likely story, she’s the one who caught a bitch fit coz she was too fat and couldn’t go to the club. If I remember correctly she was screaming @ Aquafina because she looked better than her (which remains to be seen). I think that’s a clear-cut case of insecurity. All this shit’s happened within the last 48 hours and I’m just really learning how to curb my temper and move on. I’m disappointed because I broke 2 years of celibacy with her (actually more than 2 years).


  • Jess

    Hi sorry for the spoiler. I will put a warning sign up next time.

    Anyway the domincan salon was in Bridgeport CT. I think called Lila’s on Main St. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi.


  • Adrien

    I’m pretty much terrible at calling people myself. Well I was, until I got addicted to texting….now people are probably tired of hearing from me.

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