No Donut Delight in sight and I’m thirsty/hungry. Last night was unusually busy for me. Neeve dropped by in a tizzy. She’s having one of her moments and I’m quite envious. I’m only paraphrasing to protect the innocent but, I just admire the way she throws caution to the wind — Whereas, I always have to over think and overanalyze everything before even moving forward. Sometimes I psyche myself out. So I got to talking about it with nick last night and finally divulged to her just how I really felt about her. I mean it’s not like I’m in love or anything. I just really dig her style. And because of that, I’m now having difficulty talking to her. Our conversations aren’t as easy as they usually are because I’m holding back. She would like me to feel comfortable with her. But I don’t feel comfortable with folks oops gotta go. FOODS COOKIN!!!

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