Today really started off lovely. First thing’s first; my tax preparer calls and tells me I owe the federal government $271 dollars because supposedly, I have 2 dependents listed on my w-2. This is but one of many events that occurred since the week’s inception. On Sunday my mechanic tells me I’ll need to drop the car off to have the hub-bearings changed. (FYI: Hub bearings contribute to front wheel drive on your car). There’s some special grease packed into them when they’re manufactured. Apparently I ran out of that grease weeks (if not months) ago. So now they’re grinding against each other kinda like bone on bone. To replace them, I will need to drop the car off at the Mechanic and use a rental for however long it takes him to send them off to have them replaced and re-packed. This might take 2 weeks which might result in me coming out of pocket $400 for a rental. The game plan was to drop the car off on Saturday to have all that done. But Lo and behold it snowed yesterday. So I’m taking my time easing off the exit ramp on CT-15 when dear old Christine starts hydroplaning then finishes up with a couple figure 8s then hits the embankment almost flipping over. Oh but she wasn’t done yet. She continued hydroplaning some more and narrowly missed a utility pole and if it wasn’t for that nice mound of snow stopping the momentum, I would’ve smashed headfirst into this granite structure illustrated below:

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