I haven’t been here in awhile so I’m gonna catch you up on a quick brief synopsis. My Ballroom life is now null and void. I’ve had many a fond memory including a few bad ones. But now I’ve entered the next stage of my life. I’m a budding workaholic. I even had a girlfriend until January when she cheated on me. It was one of those textbook situations where, you meet a damsel-in-distress and you want to ride off with her into the sunset. Unfortunately that’s a fairytale. In the urban forest, a damsel in distress couldn’t recognize a prince (or princess) charming if he (or she) hit her in the face with a nine iron. Maybe I have a fucked up perspective of women who’ve previously been abused. But as past experience would have it, they tend to dish out the abuse as well. Needless to say she’s gone and I’m back to working my ass off and stressing about my career.


I’m a computer geek by nature (we get no love) and I’ve spent so much time at work and at home “working”, that I’ve now found it necessary to resume the hobbies of yesteryear. I got a not-so-new Nikon d50 off Ebay and now I’m going photo crazy. Anyway it’s 3 am here and I have to be up for work in the morning so I’ll update you folks later.

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