How is it so Easy

I meant to post this as a comment in Alix’s blog.  But,  I have way too much to say.  Way too many questions to ask.


It’s been about a month since her and I broke up.  (Her being Aquafina).   I’m not as devastated about the break-up as I am about the events that followed subsequently.   Within 4 hours of our break-up she with someone else.  It’s not the fact that she moved on so fast that pains me.   It’s the fact that the person who she is with was a mutual friend of ours.   I remember succinctly asking her if she was cheating on me with that person.   Her response to me was no.   I’m 30 years old.  I may look naive but my date of birth was not 02-20-09.   She claimed she wasn’t cheating.   I wanted us to be friends when we broke up but after all this I can’t look at her the same anymore.   I can’t even bring myself to respect her because she lied blatantly.   The opportunity posed itself for her to come clean, yet she continued with the lies.    Much like Alix, I tend to ask myself from time to time, how is it for someone to break your hear so easily and not even flinch?   I had the opportunity to leave that relationship had she been forthright but I stuck around and put myself through unnecessary pain.  I kept trying to make the glove fit because i felt she deserved a chance and I felt that I didn’t need to push anyone else away.  Not Again.  Boy was I wrong!!?

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  • Alix

    I hate to be lied to be lied to, especially when I give people the opportunity to come clean. Grrrr…

    I wish I had the answers, but you know I don’t!

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