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I have a million and one reasons why I should go out this weekend and get shitfaced.  But I’ll refrain from the latter.  My boss offered the option of relocating and I feel like it’s just what the doctor ordered.   However he’d like to me to relocate to the VA/DC area within 3 months.   I don’t even know how that’s going to happen seeing as I haven’t even started looking for an apartment out there and I’m not even sure how I would start.   So if anyone has some advice on where to find a nice little 1 bedroom in a decent area (preferably somewhere  I won’t get shot), then please by all means, drop me a line or 2 or 3….

Anyway it’s almost 10a.m and I should be washing my ass for work.  One can only hope I’m not slated to come in tomorrow.  That would be a real buzzkill.

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