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    6 degrees of dyke drama

    There arises this insurmountable urge to shut the lesbian world and it’s 6 degrees of dyke drama out.   On this edition of Lunar Lunacy;  Aquafina issued an apology for how she treated me during our relationship.   So did CH.   Supposedly she felt bad for being dishonest when all I asked of her was honesty.  But it was a little hard to swallow considering she’s been concocting stories about me and relaying them to random individuals.  None of whom are interconnected.   She sent me a text this morning saying  “Man you a cold peace of work its kewl don’t worrie bout me blowin up  ur phone or beggin you as you put it.”  She’s half right.  I am cold.…

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    Insecurity in a relationship

    Lying, cheating women tend to use insecurity as a crutch in relationships. How?   First one must ask; how many times has my girl done some significantly shady shit and when approached responded, ” You’re so insecure.”? Where do we draw the fine line between identifying insecurity and identifying  intuition?

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    Ha I’m such a geek!! I’m learning how to use UNIX scripts to automate my blog posts via email. I truly have no life.

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    the ch chronicles

    this shitload of confusion between myself and ch is neverending. the dynamic thus far is bittersweet. she stalked me for a new york minute and I let her back into my life as just a friend or so I thought. we’d previously come to an amicable agreement of friendship which turns out to be not-so-amicable. last night she asked if I’d be her girl again. [INSERT GAS FACE HERE]

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    Just the little things

    This pretty picture is my ¾ eaten lunch. Soup of the day was Red Peas soup. Sorry I demolished it before even thinking about taking a photo Now to most of you non-west Indian individuals this might look a little gross. But shyt to me it’s a likkle piece a yaaad. I was thinking about that as I was eating it and It made me think about just the little shyt I tend to take for granted. Picture life in a world with no Red Peas Soup. So the thought of the day like the soup of the day is: Cherish what you got coz tomorrow it might be gone.

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    Still trying to catch my second wind

    Dear Diary, I’m not sure what my Job Security is like here. Everything just seems so dismal and I’m in a position that presents a challenge, I’d say it’s the biggest professional challenge I’ve ever had to face. Should things not pan out the way I plan, I don’t really think I’ll  have a plan B. Everyone I know is going through tough times. The “haves” worry about losing and the “have nots”  worry about finding (which in today’s harsh reality is least likely). I’ve been like this since the beginning of the year and at some point, I’d made the decision not to let things bother me.  But as…

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    Unusual Shit…

    Last night I had this dream. I saw a navy blue Nissan Altima 2008 parked outside my house. The back door was caved in along with the compartment that houses the gas tank. The car literally looked as if it had been hit with an IED in Iraq. So this morning, I get up and head to work. On my way I run into traffic due to an accident. As I’m driving past the scene I look up at the vehicle on the truck to notice it’s the car in my dream.

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    Sifting through the Wreckage

    I found survivors.   CH and I are back on speaking terms.  We agreed to be friends.  I spent perhaps the last 2 or 3 weeks ignoring her phone calls, instant messages and text.   I think I really needed that time to clear my mind.   Yesterday I sent her a text.  Small talk ensues then she tells me she really needs to talk.   So I called her.   I talked more than she did as usual.   I’m not sure why I’d expected anything to change.  But she talks about how I shut her out and blah blah blah.   I go on to remind her of my attempts to open up to her…