I find it amazing how women naturally develop these maternal instincts after giving birth.  One would think any red-blooded female who gave birth would want to nurture her child.  But I don’t see that too often these days and it scares me.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ll end up in the same shoes as half these women I’ve come across.   I wonder if I’ll be one of those mothers who eat their young.  One of those women who would sacrifice their own seed for a buck.


My  16 year old cousin’s mom gave her away (sold her) to a man who could have been her father.  How does one carry a child to term, and on their 16th year decide it’s your right to sell her virtues?


  • m3shia

    lol if they do nobody abides by them. I’d say there are more pedophiles and perverts in Jamaica than in the United States. I went down for my Aunts funeral with some cousins. My 2 youngest cousins were like 14 and 16 and there were grown men about my father’s age looking at these 2 young girls like they were steak dinners. So much fucked up shyt goes on its hard to believe that Jamaican women grow up to lead stable lives and raise families.

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