Another one bites the dust.

The one thing I ask for in my relationships is honesty.   Shyt, I even hold the door open  so honesty can walk in.    For those of us who are just tuning in, I just started talking to CH 2 months ago.   We made things official last week and a week into our relationSHIT, she’s already lying to me.     She had her ex over this past weekend.  Granted  this is a long distance relationship, I can’t expect the world of her but the one thing I did and still do want is some honest –to –goodness, down-home cooked, made with love HONESTY.   How CH fucked up is that she failed to tell me  Her EX-BITCH was there.   I asked her at least 3 times who was that.  She spent the entire time being cryptic and distant.  So tonight I call her and I’m like “Who is that and don’t’ tell me your best friend coz you only have one and I’ve met her.”  She starts being cryptic then the bitch in the background starts yellin “tell her who i am” .  So I’m like no bitch you tell me who you are.   A shouting match ensues, CH says she’ll call me back I say don’t bother  just lose the number and There we have it….   But as i’ve said to myself before  “you will not be crying in 09 over another bitch”.  That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

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