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Since when is being evil synonymous with being Human?   Now don’t get me wrong I never said that we all should be perfect, because no one can.   But, one would hope that we would never give up the struggle to be the best we can.   Instead I see things taking a turn for the worse.   I’m living in a society where more and more I see supreme effort being placed on nurturing the more vile aspects of humanity.  

Things are changing and it’s hard for me to keep my head up.  It’s not just a financial recession we’re in.   It’s also spiritual.   Now I know I’m not perfect.  I made some recent observations about my own character.  I noticed just how  much more frequent the occurrence of “white lies” are within my vocabulary.   It feels like a trainwreck waiting to happen when you can step outside yourself and see the fucked up shyt you’re doing.  Then it just magnifies the fucked up shyt everyone else is doing and you begin to miss the way things were when there was an ounce of good left in this world. 

I caught my  girl who is a friend in another lie and I was all devastated by it but then realized that all those old school values I hold near and dear are now quickly becoming a thing of the past.  So now I’ve moved past the devastation to acquire new heights of spiritual consciousness.  My objective is not to let the actions of others desensitize me.   I’m still adamant in my vow to not shed any more tears. However this will be a lesson for me;  teaching me how to hold fast to what few values I do have.

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