Road Trip

Ladies and Gentlemen.   Well Ladies anyway.   Hmm I wonder why
I don’t have any male friends?   It’d be nice to have a male friend
who I can relate to without them trying to fuck me or without them telling me
that the past 8 years of my homosexuality have been nothing but a phase.  But
that’s a topic for another day.  I’m taking a road trip down to
Georgia for the Easter weekend.   It’s a family outing for which I’ll
be dusting off the Nikon and catching the sights.   I’m driving 4 hours. 
My brother’s driving 4 hours and My Mom’s driving 4 hours.  Then
from GA, I’m driving 5 hours and Moms driving 5 hours to Fort Lickerdale
to see My other Brother and his family.    I anticipate a fun-filled weekend of
bobbing and weaving and ducking the high-way cops on the way down .    I’ll
update you good  folks on my trip coz I’ll have this wonderful piece of
machinery with me. 

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