It’s Official….

Twitter is a piece of shit.?? Twice I?ve attempted to log on today and
twice, I?ve been told that the site is down for maintenance.??? Are you
telling me that people are so seriously addicted to Twitter that they never
log off and spend 24 hours of each day of every week hitting the refresh
*checks my person*.?? Am I one of those people??? Today was a better day for
me.? I?m thinking clearly and I?m oh so focused at work.? I think it?s
because I?m not head over heels or twitterpated.?? I think my problem with
love is that I?m in love with the concept of being in love.? I?m in love
with the idea of coming home to someone every night or day ?and snuggling up
and watching a blockbuster movie.? Shyt I?m even in love with the concept of
going grocery shopping together.? Picking out living room curtains and
making what would have been otherwise mundane decisions with that special
someone.?? But then I also hate to be around that someone 24/7 with no space
for me time.?? I despise dressing alike because it?s the cute couple thing
to do and I despise being told what to do in a relationship .?? My
rebellious nature is not a fan of commitment.? Maybe I can take a stab at
monogamy which I?ve done more often than not.? But I don?t know that I can
stay caged in a one woman p.o.v. for long.


  • Tami

    “But I don?t know that I can
    stay caged in a one woman p.o.v. for long.” Interesting you used the word “caged”. Why do you feel like being with one person is a cage? I think growing in love is the best and most powerful thing on this earth. We all have our things, but working together and realizing our likes and dislikes is what makes relationships work. That’s just my 2cents…

    And I am a twitter addict…I can’t help it! my screenname is msceo8.

  • Meshia

    The perspective I have is that sometimes I tend to get too engrossed in a relationship or that person for that matter and I lose sight of my own objectives. By using the term “caged” I mean that I sometimes feel stifled as if I’m not allowed to indulge myself in the things that make me tick. Those things don’t necessarily equate to other women but other interests. I think that what I should really focus on is building a relationship with someone whose interests are much more similar to my own.

  • Tami

    i think we all do to some extent (get too engrossed in a relationship, especially in the beginning). the key is to make sure you don’t like drop off the earth and still have contact with the people you love and still do the things that you normally do.

    i think people with different interests can work in a relationship, it just depends on the people.
    your partner should encourage you to do well in what you pursue and vice versa.

    btw…i always crack up at folks who dress alike. my gf’s sister had a picture where her, her hubby and baby were all dressed alike. lol. i am like, where did they go and find matching outfits in various sizes? lol

    i believe that it is possible to create beautiful relationships that encompass our individuality as well as building a strong bond with our partners. it may take time and effort, but it is possible.

    on a whole other note, i can’t even get on twitter now…capacity is maxed out!!

  • Alix

    Twitter has been a thorn in my side all day! I use tweetdeck and my @replies disappeared. I logged into the website so now I am stuck hitting f5 every 5 minutes and playing catch up.

    Anyway, I know I am guilty of being in love with the idea of being in love. I have a romantic heart, I can’t help it. It’s who I’ve always been and sometimes, I’ve lucked out in that I’ve found someone who has that same kind of heart even if it’s just been temporary…

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