Old Habits Die Hard

My ex of 8 years seems to gain confidence every time she has a new girlfriend. Confidence being an understatement. Whenever she’s with someone she thinks the whole entire world is on her dick and is worried about her dick and its actions. It’s just one of those random observations I made just recently. Every time a bitch cheats on her or dumps her, I’m the coolest, realest female she’s ever known. Then when she finds a new chick who will fuck her she gets hype and it’s “FUCK THE WORLD. ALL THESE HOES ON MY DICK”. Come on now Morgen? Is it really that serious? The whole world is losing sleep over your minuscule rubber ding-a-ling? Is this a fact? And in what book of bullshit did you read this?

I posted a twitter comment saying that it was odd that her and my bf are dating because they used to be sworn enemies. I made the post out of sheer amusement not jealousy or for the need to check up on morgen (I’ll keep that lower-cased) and her so-called dick actions which I wasn’t aware she had. She in her deep rooted resentment responds with the following:

“@kissmeshia lmao! nah what you find odd is you dont want nobody that knows you with me its been mad long get over it meesh really b…”

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