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Infatuation or the Real McCoy

I’m 30 years old.  I’ve been through a lot and experienced alot so I tend to be good at reading people.  Body language, mannerisms and overall swag.   So i’m here chuckling to myself as I’m reading blogs.   I ran across 2 individuals with the same topic and the same style of writing for that particular topic.   Now i’m laughing because It’s so obvious to me that they’ve got this thing going on.   Yet, they swear everyone else is clueless.   But it’s funny that both posted topics about sex and both started asking questions about how soon is too soon to start digging someone.   


Anyway this blog is not about that.   I was reading a blog about sex and the lack thereof and it broached a few questions in my mind.    If one has been celibate for quite sometime and decides to put oneself on the market, does this  in fact impair ones judgement when it comes to finding miss right?   You know how  some lesbians are always falling in love at first sight?  Is it possible that they compromise their standards because it’s been a long time since physical companionship?  Or does celibacy clear the mind?  Does it allow you to think straight and look at things from new perspectives?   I only ask this because as a self-proclaimed serial monogamist, I’ve had one too many encounters where i swore she was the one then after the physical attraction wore off and the A.D.D. set in things changed.    Could it be I was overcome by lust and confused it with Love?


  • Tami

    LOL. We all know who you are talking about. And actually they aren’t discreet with their little love affair…its all over twitter. It’s like a soap opera…give me great entertainment throughout the day and I appreciate them for that!

    i think all relationships go through an infatuation stage, but after that is where we really begin to learn each other, our ins and outs, thats when folks start farting around you and all types of stuff. LOL. This is where reality steps in. All the things my gf does that’s just her, I love it (well, 90% of it) and to make a LT relationship work, we have to dig a bit deeper into ourselves since the “puppy love” stage as my gf calls it, is over.

    I think love makes you want to work through the kinks once the puppy love stage is gone. If you don’t have the drive or desire to really learn someone after that love dovey stage then it probably isn’t love.

  • meshia

    lol yep they’re going crazy on twitter. As for infatuation, I never really looked at things from the perspective of wanting to pursue the relationship and work things out beyond the “puppy love” stage. Now analyzing my past relationships I can really say I’ve only fell in love once because that would’ve been the only time I was patient enough to deal with all the crap that came with it and it’s probably the only relationship where I had no regrets.

  • Alix

    Wonder who you’re talking about? It’s up to her to out herself. I can’t do that for her.

    I think if you go from celibacy to dating your mind should be clearer. I think that it’s hormones that have us thinking that someone is our life partner when its so obvious that they aren’t.

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