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I don’t think I could ever be a superstar or in the limelight.  I don’t really have the patience for it.    I was on NecoleBitchie  yesterday reading about Keri Hilson’s disgruntled fan and I’m thinking to myself: Some people are so over the top with it.   Apparently he claims Keri told him “next” at an autograph signing which  “hurt his wittle feewings”.  My stance on that b.s. is “get over it”.    She signed your shit didn’t she?   Here’s his rant courtesy of theblogchic.blogspot.com:

Keri’s Response

(via Twitter )

Keri Hilson addresses the angry fan who claims she was a “rude conceited b*tch” at a recent signing:

TO ALL MY FANS!! no I didn’t see the vid yet, but I wanna address…I was not just regular “sick” in Detroit last day of tour. laryngitis. I could NOT TALK AT ALL! u can ask anyone who heard me trying…so me saying “next” didn’t happen at all. when I did the signing I had my team read a note for me explaining that I was extremely sorry I couldn’t talk to my fans. I did not want 2 cancel and still had a show a few hrs later in Detroit. Read past twitters & you’ll see that I’ve bn sick with flu-like symptoms with sinus infection. I’m just now getting over it becuz I work so hard I can’t get proper rest & life must go on. I know what I signed up 4 & I thought that my fans understood what I was going thru after they read my msg…I know ppl stood in line. but 4 this signing I was told not to personalize since there were so many ppl & we drove an hr away from the venue to do the signing…and ran late because we got into detroit later than expected. I think he’s mistaken. I would never say “next” to anyone…he may have been upset or maybe no one told him I couldn’t personalize the cd’s. I wanted to get 2 everyone who came, whether they bought the cd or not, so we had 2 do everything as quick as possible. I apologize homeboy for the way u may have misinterpreted the situation. I assure u I wasn’t being a bitch @ all. I appreciate any1 who goes out of their way 2 come see me! I love my fans! just wanted to clear that up…I didn’t hv an attitude I was happy 2 be there but worried about the show that I chose to not cancel or cut in half becuz I was extremely hoarse & sore. I was on stage coughing & the whole 9 on like every sentence LOL. but I got thru it & was happy detroit had my back. thanks D-town! yall didn’t laugh when they had 2 keep bringn me water! good nite my twit fam! love yall

Trust I was SO happy to be signing your albums! I did each w/a smile on my face! Keep my sharpie in my purse! I’ll sign yours too!!!!!!!!!!!


I personally think Malcom needs to remove the tampon from his ass. She’s human. She’s allowed to be sick and not in the mood to talk. Shyt if I were in her shoes he’d get the “NEXT” too. If that did in fact happen. Is he looking for a little piece of publicity? The child is only human and that’s what’s so appealing about her as an artist. The fact she’s able to reach us regular folk with her lyrics and voice. She doesn’t have to be superwoman or “Beyonce” with the bulletproof weave. She’s just got to be Keri. And if she doesn’t feel like talking or taking a damn picture coz she’s under the weather then “BITCH” build a bridge and sashay yo ass on over it.


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