Promoting the Black Voice.

I’m not gonna Lie.  I’m a fan of the little gossip blogs that pop up on the internet.  But there are times when I think folks just take it a little too far.   I was reading an article (article being an overstatement) on necolebitchie.com about Gabriel Union.   In it she’s talking to an editor at VIBE magazine about her disdain for malicious blogs that spread rumors and innuendos  without actually researching the facts.   She goes on to talk about how this can thwart any efforts or intentions of doing some good in ones community:

It’s like if you wrote for a major newspaper or a major magazine. If you can’t substantiate your claims, you don’t write them. We don’t have enough black voices, [and] we certainly don’t have enough people in entertainment who are trying to do good things for our community, so anytime you try to attack someone’s character, you negate their voice for all the things that they’re trying to do.
I come out and speak about African American sexual assault survivors and what we can do to provide support and help to those survivors. I talk about African Americans and breast cancer. But people aren’t going to listen to those things if you are spreading lies and rumors, you know what I mean? It kinda negates all the good things that you do. It makes me want to just work harder and do more good, but it’s frustrating and it makes a lot of people in my industry say, "Screw it! If I can’t even get my own people to listen and not talk ill of me, what hope do I have for mainstream media?"

I got the gist of her statement as would any smart or insightful human being.  Unfortunately my fellow negroes being as negative as they want to be were not so keen.   They went from talking about her and the  mention she made of Perez Hilton and his trashy incendiary  filth to discussing her acting career which truly had nothing to do with the price of rent in Japan.   It’s like we’re afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder. There must’ve been at least 50 comments posted about her Hair and the roles she plays in movies as opposed to the statement about promoting negativity.   We become so defensive when called on our flaws that we invent every reason under the sun why no one should tell us our shit stinks.  Sometimes, I wanna walk outside like Larry Fishburne in School Daze and yell “wake up!!!”  “wake thee fuck up!!”.  Coz in 2009 it seems all we do is sleep.   The article hit a  spot with me because I remember my own efforts in promoting Aids Walk NY and consequently being heckled and jeered for it by my peers, my black community.    Lord knows I love my people and I’m proud of the accomplishments  SOME of us have made thus far.   But there’s still that gross majority  who has a long ass way to go.

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