Reality’s seriously kicking my ass right now.   What i wouldn’t give to be a little kid again and not have a damn thing to worry about. Just to live my life so carefree.  I kind of feel like I’m in this little rat race and I’m finishing last.  When I take my last breath what will I have accomplished besides working way more hours than I should and basically alienating all who ever cared or loved me.  the past few days have been nothing but a series of epic realizations.   Perhaps realizations that came to pass  a day late.   My mother told me I had my fathers temper and that because of his temper he has no one.  Now I truly feel like I have no one. Like I’ve spent the better part of my life pushing people away.    My life’s objective is to learn how to forgive without being asked to.  

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  • Glennisha Morgan

    I feel you on the rat race and finishing last tip. I know sometimes we may not be doing things as fast as ppl around us but, what we have to realize is that we each have our own journey. And everything happens for a reason.

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