Out with the Old?

DSC_0427 I’m reading Alix’s Blog about the fear of old age and it really just dawned on me that: It’s not old age that I fear but missed opportunities.   While she’s dreading old age, I’m hoping that I will live to a ripe old age.  That I’ll have stories to tell my grand kids and great grand kids.   I live in an ever-changing, relative world.    It seems as if I’ve seen so many things happen over the course of time that I have to wonder how long will I live?   Will I be able to to live my days out regaling my progeny with stories and key historic moments.   See there isn’t much of a family tree in either side of my family so I’d like to be the first to start the tradition.   The first one to sit her offspring down and tell them about they’re progenitors and those who came before them.   Because no one has a stronger impact on you and how you shape your life than family.    These are the things that I’ve come to realize.   So I’d like to live a long and illustrious life.  Maybe society’s problem is that we no longer show much reverence to our elderly.  Young folks are so much more headstrong and set in their ways that they couldn’t possibly believe that there’s anything to be learned from older folks.  But I believe that in some cases the contrary holds true.   I think that we have individuals in our lives for a reason and who better to learn from than the individual who’s been on this earth longer .  

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  1. i hear ya. actually, i have been listening much more to my grandma…she was born in 1920 something can you imagine all that history? all that’s she’s seen and done?

    i was to be an active, vibrant old person…that’s my goal. i want to look back on life and have no regrets.

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