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    Old Habits Die Hard

    My ex of 8 years seems to gain confidence every time she has a new girlfriend. Confidence being an understatement. Whenever she’s with someone she thinks the whole entire world is on her dick and is worried about her dick and its actions. It’s just one of those random observations I made just recently. Every time a bitch cheats on her or dumps her, I’m the coolest, realest female she’s ever known. Then when she finds a new chick who will fuck her she gets hype and it’s “FUCK THE WORLD. ALL THESE HOES ON MY DICK”. Come on now Morgen? Is it really that serious? The whole world is…

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    All Points Bulletin

    APB: If anyone sees a fat rusty black-lipped chick driving a Dodge Caravan Virginia License Plate# E644 008 please set her and that car on fire. This chick decides to cut us off on I-85 yesterday somewhere between NC & VA. We ignored it and kept moving. Later on I notice the aforementioned pulls up next to my side of the car ( the passenger side) and starts mouthing obscenities. So I rolled my window down and cussed her fat ass out. There were four people in my car. My Mom was driving. My bro and my nephew were in the backseat. This bitch decides to take it a step…

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    road trip part 2 (DNR)

    I guess what hurt more than seeing her like that was the fact she’d opened her home to so many of her immediate family members and now that she’s sick with Parkinsons no one was there but J. Her son lives in the subdivision across the street yet it’s Easter and he hasn’t even attempted to call and say “Happy Easter Mom” . But what can you expect from someone who wanted to cut the life support when his moms condition worsened. She could hear him saying “do not resuscitate” which prompted her to let the words “I’m alive” faintly escape her lips. Sometimes I think about it and the…

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    Road Trip Part 1.

    I’m on my way back from GA. we visited with my cousin J and Aunt I for the easter weekend. I hadn’t seen Aunt I since 2006 when I was out there on business so it came as a surprise to me when I saw her posted up in that hospital bed in the living room, her neck permanently bent to one side and speaking in low tones. Its a far cry from the Aunt I I knew growing up. She was a stately woman and a kindhearted one. She’s not my biological aunt but she’s treated me better than some of my own aunts .

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    Geneology Account Meesh My old life was a far cry from what it is now. I’ve undergone a sort of metamorphosis. I was looking at an old photo montage I made back when grandpa died. Then I started looking up my aunt’s name on the Internet. I found out that she was quite brilliant as is her husband and son. She’s into computers also. So I guess the whole computer geek thing is a genetic thing. I never knew until the age of 28 that my aunt was an inventor or a scholar. Part of me wishes I’d stayed with my dad when I was younger because I probably would’ve…

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    The Straight Pill

    Now I’m not one to typically piggyback off someone else’s entry. But this one evoked a lot of emotion in me. I guess coz of my religious upbringing. But read it. Let me know how you feel and if you like it pass it on. Oh yes STOLEN FROM APOCKETFULLOFHOPE The Straight Pill Date March 13, 2009 If there was a pill that could make me straight …..Straight in body …..Straight in mind …..Straight in heart ……….I would not take it. If taking such a pill would restore all my lost friendships …..And regain my parents pride …..And give back my families respect …..…..I would not take it. If taking…

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    It’s Official….

    Twitter is a piece of shit.?? Twice I?ve attempted to log on today and twice, I?ve been told that the site is down for maintenance.??? Are you telling me that people are so seriously addicted to Twitter that they never log off and spend 24 hours of each day of every week hitting the refresh button? *checks my person*.?? Am I one of those people??? Today was a better day for me.? I?m thinking clearly and I?m oh so focused at work.? I think it?s because I?m not head over heels or twitterpated.?? I think my problem with love is that I?m in love with the concept of being in…

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    Luck be a Lady Tonight

    I got a newfound crush who will never know I exist. She made me fall in love with hip hop again and Lord knows it’s been years since Meesh was in love with hip hop. But I shit you not the one chick I’d compromise all my values for should the opportunity ever present itself is the one, the only; Lady Luck. In short, Meesh would like to bone Lady Luck. I don’t know if it’s just the crazy punch lines or the laidback swagga. Either way she’ll get it.

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    Road Trip

    Ladies and Gentlemen.   Well Ladies anyway.   Hmm I wonder why I don’t have any male friends?   It’d be nice to have a male friend who I can relate to without them trying to fuck me or without them telling me that the past 8 years of my homosexuality have been nothing but a phase.  But that’s a topic for another day.  I’m taking a road trip down to Georgia for the Easter weekend.   It’s a family outing for which I’ll be dusting off the Nikon and catching the sights.   I’m driving 4 hours.  My brother’s driving 4 hours and My Mom’s driving 4 hours.  Then from GA, I’m driving 5…