Mother’s Day

maybe I bust my ass trying to prove shit to people coz I’m really trying to prove shit to my mother.  You ever realized that you’re constantly trying to prove the reason for your existence to your mom?   Now I’m not going to say I don’t appreciate her.  But I feel like the little shit I do doesn’t amount to shit for her. I think that’s maybe why I find myself going above and beyond trying to better myself each day.  Trying to learn things, trying to keep an open mind just trying to be a better person.  Because who I was yesterday just is never enough for me.   Even in relationships I’m always trying to dig deeper to see if the person I’m with is really in love with me and not what they see on the outside.   I want to know that if one day I should become horribly disfigured I can survive on personality alone. But in reality does that shit ever happen?

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