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    Everything fueling our passion is Rage , Anger, and bloodlust.   Its what wages our wars, continues our strife and our struggles.  Most of us don’t even remember what we’re fighting for.   We lost sight of that decades ago. we raise our children in the same bloodlust and thirst for revenge and we expect everyone else to do better .   So I’ve come to understand the saying in the bible stands true.  Turn the other cheek.  It’s something that is hard for us as humans to do, but I think that if at some point one of us decides to  “be the bigger man” , our wars will end and we…

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    Why I refuse to go Home Unless Absolutely Necessary…..

    “One morning, at about two o’clock my friend was at a dance in the community. He was enjoying himself and dancing when suddenly there was a gunshot and a bullet hit my friend in the back of his head. He turned around – and they shoot him in his face three more times. He fell and they shoot him as he lay on the ground. They then announced that I was next. Hearing that, I run from the community and have been moving from house to house trying to avoid homelessness…”   It makes it hard to embrace a culture whose first resolution to societal differences is violence.  Folks always…

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    I know this isn’t the same as the one before me.  I trust that if her plate wasn’t so full things would be different.  But I don’t trust my own feelings and my own heart.  I’m breaking my own heart keeping things the way they are.  I can only get out now while the gettin’s good.   Perhaps the last thing she needed to hear at that time was  lets just take a step back.   But you know how Katt put it.  You got to look out for your star player. Right now my star player’s playing with injuries.  I kinda feel like there’s something there between them and deny it…

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    Not Easily Broken

    I’m reading a book “Not Easily Broken” by T.D. Jakes.  It gives me an alternative perspective on love triangles or the pre-existing attraction between the would-be infidel and mistress.   I say would-be because there isn’t a definitive line on when it becomes infidelity?  Is it wrong when the mental attraction develops or is it wrong when things become physical?    We’re all human we all tend to have our own wants needs and desires.  But when you’re in a marriage or committed relationship, How much is too much?    I met this woman via the internet no doubt.   There is an attraction there but that’s all that it is .   #1.  I’m…

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    i suppose this makes me a lame to some. but I haven’t been on the club scene in like a year or 2.  I guess I’m tired of the empty faces only good for great head or stunts in bed.   There’s nothing really fulfilling about that.  After a while mindless head gets old. Naw I’m not into the scene for the mere matchmaking element but it would be nice to find some stimulating convo here n there.  Now who’s gonna find that kinda mental caress in a club with sweaty bodies drunken stupors and music blaring from the speakers?   I’ve grown weary of the mindless freaks that clutter my address…

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    it hurts really bad when you want someone to love you just as much as you love them and the love’s unrequited.  That rejection is felt to the core of your inner being and it follows you everywhere.   It turns into this nagging never undulating fear that you will one day encounter rejection again.   So you pretty much harden your heart so that even rejection won’t phase you. But now it’s not so much phasing you as it is, alienating you. Alienating the people who care and who want to be there.   You end up lonely.   You can’t let go of your fear.  So all you have at the end…