it hurts really bad when you want someone to love you just as much as you love them and the love’s unrequited.  That rejection is felt to the core of your inner being and it follows you everywhere.   It turns into this nagging never undulating fear that you will one day encounter rejection again.   So you pretty much harden your heart so that even rejection won’t phase you. But now it’s not so much phasing you as it is, alienating you. Alienating the people who care and who want to be there.   You end up lonely.   You can’t let go of your fear.  So all you have at the end of your day is….You.   So how do you adjust to the  new threesome (me, myself, and I)?   You start over, falling in love with you and re-discovering you.   And when your relationship with you is solid.  When you’ve attained that newfound appreciation for you.  That’s when your heart melts.  That’s when you become human.  That’s when you can love again and that’s when you overcome your fear.


I am Not Easily Broken!!

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  • Tami

    yup…totally been here. i understand how you are feeling. but you are right about finding you and then you can begin again anew…the heart thaws and is redy to love again.

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