i suppose this makes me a lame to some. but I haven’t been on the club scene in like a year or 2.  I guess I’m tired of the empty faces only good for great head or stunts in bed.   There’s nothing really fulfilling about that.  After a while mindless head gets old. Naw I’m not into the scene for the mere matchmaking element but it would be nice to find some stimulating convo here n there.  Now who’s gonna find that kinda mental caress in a club with sweaty bodies drunken stupors and music blaring from the speakers?  

I’ve grown weary of the mindless freaks that clutter my address book ( i mean my sidekick) and I’m wanting something new.   I want to be taken to new heights of consciousness and to have my mind turned inside out and to suffer mental implosions of  epiphanies so sublime Ghandi would need babelfish to to get on my level.   Shyt i want a chick so much on a another level , I—like my friend kay would say–would need a space ship to be on the same wavelength.   And once I get there, Ain’t no comin back.  Ain’t no lookin down. I’m on Saturns rings for eternity.

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  • fistup

    I just came in here to say…basically…I feel exactly what you’re talking about, and as ursula once said…

    Where are the Romantics?
    To feed me my pill,

    this is not your kill
    Bling Bling Vandal
    and this suffocating stage
    will soon
    conversion table when
    She eats what
    she comes to eat!

    Jewels in the moth of my speech
    quieting my loud fashion during Passion Week
    to find
    Supa Sista’s
    Mingling chopsticks into 2 by 4 homes
    inventing a foundation of vegetarian tongues

    Survival beyond man’s bones
    Survival beyond man’s bones
    piercing cheeks
    with microphones
    showing devotion towards her profession

    for any Hindu in the Ghetto to bless her…

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