Not Easily Broken

I’m reading a book “Not Easily Broken” by T.D. Jakes.  It gives me an alternative perspective on love triangles or the pre-existing attraction between the would-be infidel and mistress.   I say would-be because there isn’t a definitive line on when it becomes infidelity?  Is it wrong when the mental attraction develops or is it wrong when things become physical?    We’re all human we all tend to have our own wants needs and desires.  But when you’re in a marriage or committed relationship, How much is too much?   

I met this woman via the internet no doubt.   There is an attraction there but that’s all that it is .  

#1.  I’m not sure that I believe in long distance relationships anymore

#2.  When I met her she was with her gf/wife for 3.5 years.


They have kids together but have this open relationship when it comes to the internet.   So her significant other knew about me.   Without revealing too much information about their relationship, I’ll cut to the chase.   It ended.  Not necessarily because of me — or so I’m told— but because it was that time.   Now I’m not involved with this woman relationship-wise.  We are friends.   We confide in each other and that’s all one could ask for at this moment.   But her ex acts as if I broke their relationship apart.   As if i came in and snatched her from her grip.


Now I feel like the “other woman” even though it wasn’t my intention and it doesn’t help that she mentions my name every  chance she can get with her Ex. 


It almost has me feeling as if I’m a pawn.  As if my being everything her ex is not was the secret ingredient in winning over her affections.   I can’t help but to ask If I’m playing myself.    The strongest points of my personality are also the weaker aspects of her ex’s personality.  


Sidebar:   She reads this blog from time to time and I would like her to know that this post isn’t meant to reveal intimate details of her relationship or denigrate her character.  

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