The New Black Face

I sure wish that I could ebb the tide of discomfort  I feel here in America.  But the older I get the more homesick I am.  Sadly enough,  I can’t go home.  I can’t go home to homophobia and gay bashing and hate crimes incited by homophobia.  I really just feel like I don’t belong anywhere.   And now thanks to today’s little episode,  I’m as uncomfortable in my own skin as I am living in this country.  So i happened across this new little virtual reality site called Second Life.   Everything’s been great at least until today.   Now let me say this,  I’ve never experienced racism in  all it’s glory until today.   In case you folks don’t know,  I’m a Black Lesbian.  2 slights against my character.   I’m as they would say, “a nigger”, and “ a deviant”.  So I’m in today’s voice chat.   The participants are of mixed heritage–Some, Caucasian American most, are of European descent – when this young woman approaches the microphone.   She says how she doesn’t like black people,  to which her friend responds “that’s racist”.    Now I’ve actually seen her around before.  She’s always playing these little wav files or sound files depicting ignorant African Americans working in Fast Food Facilities.  I initially thought maybe she was doing that for my benefit but decided to dismiss it.   But today after the statement was made.  I took a look at her profile, just to see if maybe she herself was black and that this was just like an inside Joke.  But then I see by her real pictures that she’s not black and I also happen to come across the following image which made my blood boil: