Back on the bike

Things didn’t go exactly as planned this year.  I was supposed to move to DC or VA but then bossman pulled a switch on us.   We all lost our jobs with the exception of “P”  who was offered a position in VA.   Actually S and C quit before their exit dates.   Under the seemingly depressing circumstances, I found some semblance of a blessing in that I’ve moved on to bigger and better ventures with God’s help.  I’m now working on a trial basis with the local cable company which for me is a step in the right direction(It’ll look good on my Resume).  If all goes well then I should be seeing a sizeable increase in my pay.  Besides the pay being an added incentive, I’m finding more motivation from working in a much more efficient and well-structured environment.   There’s something about working with individuals who possess an equally strong work ethic that gets the Juices flowing.   For the past year I’d found myself to be as some would call it; “JADED”.   But now, I’m hauling ass to get to work and finding myself wanting to give 110% once again.  For the first time I’m actually working for an enterprise who cares about the needs and rights of the “little people” and I gotta tell ya; This shit feels good!!

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