Just too ‘GOOD’ to be true

I just got finished reading this book by the late E. Lynn Harris.  There were some truths that I came to accept while reading the book and in some way they awakened a spark of hope inside me.  The book is about skeletons.   You know the kind of skeletons we keep in our closets.   The skeletons we hide while portraying a picture perfect existence to the world.   Sometimes I think about what my life would’ve been like had I confessed some of my earlier wrong-doings.   Be that as it may, there still isn’t a strong enough argument to convince me to leave myself wide open.   I just know that I am not perfect and though I exude confidence and conceit  to most, I know that deep down I have my own imperfections.  Perhaps that is the driving force behind my continuous strife towards self-improvement.

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