My Life is an Open Book

Though this may disappoint some of my lesbian “friends” (if one may call them that).   I’ve made the decision to start batting for the other team. And as I say this we got folks shakin their heads in disgust.   Mainly the person who spent more than half a year following my journal.  I don’t know maybe you had some hope that we would be an “us” again.  Who knows?   But all that I do know is yes I fux with men now.  Yes I decided that if I was to have longevity and kids and a family that It wasn’t going to be with a female.  I can’t knock the lesbian couples who raise kids together.  That is their forte.  But it is not mine.  And as a Human Being with basic rights I feel it is my right to make my choice of what direction my life will lead.  

It’s really crazy, how she logged on to secondlife after 6 months to ask me if I’m back with men now and had the nerve to act disgusted when she had spent part of her existence whoring her ex out on the internet.   How do you turn your nose up when you were nothing less than a pimp some odd years ago selling your girlfriend’s body for money? 

So your ex says she’s back with men and suddenly you have the nerve to be mad, or irritated?  Why?

She’s your Ex.  WHY DO YOU CARE!!!!???



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  1. I wasn’t mad or irritated because my EX went straight…I was affected as such because my FRIEND felt she had to back away from me PERIOD and during this time such an EXTREME change/reversion happened and STILL she did not reach out to me nor was she happy when I came looking for her. As wise and perceptive as you are it still is not quite a finely tuned set of skills for you if you were exposed to as much of the raw me as you were and do not know me any better than that. I did not ever, do not now, and will never harbor any negative feelings when it comes to you, miss lady. SMH, no…instead, I hold treasured memories close to my heart of a woman who captivated my mind. I miss our middle of the night rendezvous across cyberspace – visiting different worlds (whether virtual {imvu and sl} or real {reading blogs, movie synopses, articles, etc.}), sharing ideas, battling wits, and simply stimulating one another’s brain patterns. I miss that woman and I wish she were where I could reach her. My mouse and keyboard miss sending her messages and my screen misses receiving them. As long as I can find you anywhere, I will drop you a line from time to time because I care and that notion will never end. IF and WHEN ever you remember that I am a good friend, with a patient ear and am also an honest sounding board – you will always know how to find me…that yahoo addy up there ^^^ will NEVA change.

    1. Why would I owe it to you to explain my “EXTREME” change or reversion? To what End? I mean honestly, at the time of this “EXTREME” change, were you and I involved in a relationship? I think not. And if you’re implying that as a friend I should discuss my decisions with you before making them then you should know what you can do with that notion…..
      I owe you nothing. Not my life. Not my 2 feet I stand on. NOTHING. That is the issue with black people. We tend to think the world owes us a debt.

    2. you should also know that I didn’t receive you with welcoming arms because you launched into a tirade about my being bi-sexual. Not that any of it offends me but the tone in which you approached me was absolutely unecessary. You acted as if I was supposed to be ashamed of my choice which in turn made you no different from a homophobe.

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