Step 1: Facing Fears

He thinks I’m gonna hurt him.  (at least that’s what he says). I think he’s gonna hurt me. Rather, I fear he will hurt me.  Nothing’s for certain.   But today I decided to face my fears.   I made a conscious decision to stop running.   Now he may not be ideal for me. But here is where it all starts.  Today is the beginning of the rest of your life  Meesh.   You have but one feat to accomplish and it is to open up yourself again.  Something you haven’t been able to do in quite such a long time.    You’re not doing it for his benefit.  You’re doing it for yours.  Coz if you can open your heart up in this relationship imagine what you can do in the next.

The thing that goes bump in the night is the thought of never completely giving yourself to anyone.  never fully trusting and feeling comfortable in that trust. 

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