African American

In triplicate

they say everything happens in threes right.


Well my cousin died.  I’m not sure of the time of death.  I got a phone call at about 10 am in the morning.  Ally’s dead.  They say it’s poison. . …

She went to the doctor grabbin her gut.  He gave her meds.  2 days later she’s in a coma laying on somebody’s hospital bed hooked up to tubes.  They intubate her.  Funnel these meds into her system.   The meds cause an adverse reaction to the meds already in her system.   She flat lines.  My cousin dies at 21.  She’d been in that coma since Monday.   It’s too late to place blame  but,  where was her Mom to tell the doc’s she already had meds in her?  What happened to doctor’s doing blood work before they medicated the  patient?

Needless to say Ally’s dead.

Aunt Inel’s Dead.

who’s next?


I’m waitin for the other shoe to drop

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