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Here i was behind the steering wheel not realizing that I’d just experienced a tornado.    I decided to go to the zoo today and then to Borders in Milford to pick up a book. As I left the Beardsley Zoo I noticed the sky getting dark.  I assumed it was just a typical thunderstorm. A lil thunder,a lil lightening here n there. But when I got to exit 32 on I-95 going south, the scenery changed.  I tried to take the local routes because there was an accident and delay for abut 4 miles up to exit 27.   It took me an hour to get to work when it normally would take me at most, 30 minutes. Trees were down everywhere especially on the connecting street off which I lived.   Kolbe Cathedral High School Lost it’s roof.  Cars had windows bashed in.  Folks personal effects were scattered all over the street.   But the  most amazing thing about it was that I remembered getting up this morning (well afternoon), getting down on my knees and asking God to guide my steps and those of my loved ones.   When i was finally able to get off work and check my house for damages I notice that that entire section of East Main Street on which I lived, was virtually untouched.  Now tell me that’s not a Miracle and proof that God is listening and watching over us!!  I remember praying in earnest that no harm befell my brother and/or my home and sure enough.   Everything remained untouched.  But look a the rest of the City:


downtown east main

God is an All Powerful Wondrous and Amazing God.  My faith in him has fully been restored.  I know now as I’ve always known that he hears my prayers and he heeds my cries and there are no words for the gratitude and the fear I have for my God.  I remember faithfully getting on my knees and praying asking the Lord to Order my steps in his word on June 24th 2010.  I remember praying for his blessings for me and My family.  Little did I know that A storm was brewing.  Little did I know that a  Tornado with 75mph winds was to Target Bridgeport connecticut. And what has me in awe is that a section of my immediate vicinity suffered the most damage.  If you’ve looked the pictures in my previous post, you’ll know just how close to it my home was.    I came home to check the house and even the rickety old basketball hoop that had been erected for my Nephew years ago was still standing.  Trees were still standing.  If  Our God is not an Awesome God, I do not know who is but after seeing the devastation surrounding me and perusing my house and noticing that nothing was touched, I had to lift him up in praise.  I had to thank him over and over till the tears flooded my eyes and streamed down my cheeks.  I am truly taken aback and amazed and filled with awe. Because I know that God has been watching out for me and I know that he’s there even in my loneliest most dejected hour and there are no words.  NO NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW AMAZED I AM AT THE POWER OF GOD.  HE IS TRULY WONDERFUL

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