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What should I do differently?

Every day lately, I’ve been wondering if I’m doing what’s right in the sight of the Lord. Sometimes he reveals to me a sign that I’m on the right path. On other occasions, it’s like i’m totally clueless. For me I guess what i’m looking to regain is that childlike faith I used to have. I mean I believe that God will answer my prayers don’t get me wrong. But I guess I tend to rush him. We all know that’s not right because he works in his own timing and though we might think he’s supposed to answer us immediately, his timing is usually perfect. I remember now that there are often times at which he works his wonders and I am mystified as to how everything unfolds. I think that maybe I take that for granted sometimes and that what I should realize, is that I could never do this on my own. My week hasn’t been that great, but I would think it has to do with me lying last week. I’ve been taught a lesson that “what ye reap, ye shall sow”. And now that I’ve been debased (once again) , I’m just getting back on that spiritual bicycle to ride again. What I need to ask God is ” in the face of these trials, what should I be doing different?”

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