African American

This is me. A crazy eclectic opinionated smart mouth chica born in Jamaica, Raised in New York. Living –and so desperately trying to escape the ills of suburban living– in Connecticut.



Maybe I’m no longer trying to escape the ills.  Ct is my safety net until the walls come tumbling down.    I’m still here trying to keep this house afloat when I’d much rather keep a room afloat or an apartment afloat.  My bro lives here with his son on a part time basis  and the tenants are moving out. We’re down to 2 now.

but I’m just not in the mood to deal with the different personalities.   I’m never in the mood for that and I suppose that makes me a Grinch.   I’ve been praying about it though. Because I know I’m mean and unapproachable.  I’ve been praying for God to make a change in me. I have faith that he will, but at times i fear the worst because I’ve invested so much time in being a jerk.    It’s just my way of foregoing rejection and/or ridicule

I bring you FRANKENMEESH the monster I created who now I need Gods help to tear down.

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