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Pigs are flying

That being the case, ladies what would you do if your man just acted like he didn’t’ give a f#@k?   If you’re talking to him about the status of your  relationship that he admittedly says he cherishes, and he falls asleep how would you handle that?  Do you flip the light switch?  Do you just take a mental hiatus?  Spend time with self?  Get the f%^k-em Dress on and do your Single ladies dance?   What is it that you do to take the edge off?  short of having an affair.  Sleeping with someone else isn’t gone make you feel better.  yes I know your shaking your head and saying “leave him” but like that dog sitting on that nail  I guess I jus ain’ hurtin enough.    I decided to leave him without leaving him.   I’m taking a little hiatus all by my lonesome.  Call it a spiritual journey if you will.   He will miss me and I will miss him but I figure it’s the best way to clear my mind.  And maybe when I come back I’ll decide   there’s something better out there for me (and perhaps pigs will fly).


Pigs are flying because, I’ve left him and decided to follow God.  You know when you’re so smitten you tend to make that one person your whole world?  Well God is a Jealous God and we all remember that commandment right?

   3Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3, King James Version)

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