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Count Your Blessings

I’ve made it my business to count my blessings.  So I’d like to share with you one of the primary headaches I’ve dealt with over the past few months.  I’ve fallen victim to some harsh circumstance of late and each day that I make my way to work or whatever prospective destination it dawns on me that any day now I could lose the few blessings that I do have.   There have been so many other people I’ve come across, who are down on their luck or going thru extremely rough times.  Yet here it is’ I’ve spent the last 10 years or so griping about what I don’t have.   I’d never really been satisfied because I chose at some point to exclude Jesus from my life and I’ve been on this quest to find happiness, only I was looking in all the wrong places.   What I failed to realize is that Jesus is my portion and though I may not see it, he has blessed me with so much more than I give him credit for.   So lately I’ve taken notice of things that I would usually be oblivious to; like the homeless man around the corner scrounging for food in the garbage or the foreclosure sign on the house next door.  The concept hasn’t escaped me that tomorrow that might be me on that corner digging thru the garbage or that any day now that could be my house with the foreclosure sign on it.     We spend so many hours of our days enveloped in our own 360 degrees, that we miss the big picture.   I vow never to lose myself like that ever again.

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