African American

Fanatical Saints and Fanatical Sinners….

…Of which,  I am neither.  Just because some people practice Intolerance, doesn’t mean all people do.  And because I say I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I’m going around burning crosses on lawns screaming  “die fag” from the tops of towers or anything of the sort.  Now what you might say I’m peddling is, Jesus and I’m peddling Jesus because he is the light of my life and the source of my true happiness.   I don’t know about any other Christian,  I just know about Meesh and for once I know what makes me tick.  For once I know what’s kept me calmer than I’ve been in a decade and I know  that it’s my re-kindled relationship with God.  So why would you find something wrong with me wanting to be closer to God and taking the necessary steps?  Why would you find something wrong with me wanting to be released from what I consider my personal strongholds.   Am I judging you or the life that you lead?  I suppose our lifestyles are different but I haven’t turned my back on you simply for the lifestyle you opt to lead I just choose not to involve myself in your neurosis.   I had my own neurosis to overcome why should I add yours to the pot?   I’m happier now.  More content if you will.  Granted my life isn’t what it was 10 years ago.  I’m not making the kind of money I used to.  But money isn’t everything.   And despite all my efforts to find contentment in the past, every attempt was an epic fail.  I found happiness when I found God.  I found contentment and fulfillment  and somehow it just doesn’t feel like I’m walking around in the dark.  It’s a big difference.  Sometimes we need inspiration just to get up in the morning and to continue with our daily routine.  And for some folks that routine can be a bit much to handle.   But i wake up every morning asking God to give me strength to handle the situations that may arise and I know that he will give me that strength.  It’s just a given.   So yes I’m absolutely happy and content leading my simple drama-free existence and trying to do what God tells me.   Yet there are still those people out there who hate to see me happy.   I guess there is truth to the saying Misery loves company.  Because, here I am recording my thoughts and perusing them as I record them, mainly for my own benefit and yet I’m running into opposition.   I have to wonder what was it that I did that was so bad that would push you to –as you say– “seek me out”?  


Why can’t I simply be left alone?  Why revisit my blog year after year after year to tear me down?  What did I ever do to you?


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