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Wifely Duties

Lets be clear here.   I want a major turn around in my life.  But I still want to be queen of my kingdom.  I want the white picket fence, the four kids the station wagon.  I want the whole kit and caboodle except for one thing.   There is no way in hell I could see myself becoming someone’s Suzie homemaker.    While I do respect the confines of this institution we call marriage and while I do understand that women were created as men’s helpmeets.   I do not, nor will I, ever find myself cleaning up after a full grown adult Male.   Sometimes I observe my brother’s slovenly ways and and wonder if this would be the nightmare I’d have to endure during marriage.     Am I wrong for dreading that?   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for doing your share around the house and keeping things clean.  But is there some unwritten by-law that says MEN should be pigs and women should clean up after them?   Is this there an 11th commandment that I missed somewhere in the Bible?   Does our Pastor make a mess just for our First Lady to clean up?


What’s wrong with not wanting to be a Housewife?  What’s wrong with wanting to stand beside your husband instead of  behind him?   Is it considered a sin to regard oneself as the ruler of one’s domain?  Maybe I want to bring home the bacon and kiss him on the cheek after he’s done slaving over my dinner.  Must I be the stereotypical doormat in order to qualify as the perfect wife?

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