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I realized lately that my fatigue was really only psychosomatic.  I guess what I’ve always needed was a good reason to get up in the mornings and to go about my day and at some point I lost track of  all the good things going on in my life.   I have to admit the Devil’s been beatin me down lately.   You know how the saying  goes; “when it rains, it pours” .  Well it’s been pouring all over my parade for the past month and I’ve been finding it hard to remain inspired.  Today after much prayer it has dawned on me that this is yet another test and another trial to overcome.  If I can overcome this then I’ll make some progress with my own spiritual well being.    So  after reading today’s entry from ODB about Dogged Devotion,  I’ve refueled and I’m ready to face another day.   Okay I’M RELOADED!!!

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