every Sunday I think is going to be my last day.  Because each Sunday, I have this ear-splitting migraine that won’t let up.   It’s usually accompanied by nausea and your typical hot flash.   And I always ask God to let me live through it.  But if i keep playing my cards wrong – and I have been – I won’t live through another Sunday.   Morbid huh?  well I’m a dark person.  I wear black against a sea of colors.  Like I’ve been in mourning all my life.   

guitars strummin in the background

thoughts hummin in my foreground

I’d like to spend the day at home to reflect. 

Maybe I am too egotistical and maybe I’ think too much about myself.  but if I don’t, then who’s gonna think about me?


Still holding strong to my faith while my dark side engulfs me in flames.  It’s hard and I need a break.  I want a simple life but I’m not a simple girl.   I want normalcy but I’m not normal.   I don’t know how to be normal. then again…What’s Normal?


Is it just a matter of opinion?